What else does ABN do?

1) We offer Diaspora Marketing support for companies that would like to penetrate the Diaspora Market.
2) We also offer cross cultural training and sensitivity to corporations and organizations willing to invest in Africa and vice-versa.
3) We act as a point of reference to organizations and corporations looking to invest in Africa.
4) We aim to provide consultative support to professionals and businesses interested in investing on the continent of Africa.
5) We work with SBA's, foundations and Corporations in support of small businesses.
​6) We sponsor social networking events from time to time and are deeply involved with the Community around us.

What types of businesses do best in this form of networking marketing forum?

There are three categories of businesses that are ideally suited for this form of networking forum: 

1) Service or information based businesses:     
Attorneys, bankers, business consultants, cleaning services, CPAs, massage therapists, trucking, personal trainers, web designers.

2)  Businesses that have a lot of competition:     
​Real estate agents, mortgage brokers, financial advisers, insurance agents, chiropractors, pest control, painters, security systems, retail, printing & promotional merchandise, computer consultants.

3)  Businesses that are so new or so unique that potential clients don’t even know that they exist:           
Business coaches, non profit Organizations, health & wellness consultants, personal chefs, nursing agencies, virtual assistants, jewelers, writers, artists. 

Event Management

We provide unparalleled Professional Event Management.

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Business Marketing Services

We provide Diaspora Marketing & Communication Services






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Community Development

We lead the charge in actively participating in community development initiatives.

Referral Marketing

We provide a unique networking platform that allows for generation of referral business.